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Cleaning Awning Owataud 1 L

Cleaning Awning Owataud 1 L

Cleaning Awning Owataud 1 L    Cleaning Awning Owataud 1 L
Cleaner awning owataud - 1 l Reference: owa1630. While buying is sure that the item number in the ad matches that you want to buy multiple items have common descriptions, check out our pictures! This cleaner quickly removes deep dirt resistant caused by air pollution, smoke releases, weather ... Defatting and restores the treated surface to its original cleanliness. Application temperature: n / a.

Removes quickly and thoroughly dirt resistant caused by: air pollution, smoke discharges, weather ... Cleans blackouts due to smoke, black and oily traces ... No alteration or attack the media. Removes easily the traces of fat, pollution, smoke .. also effective on leatherette, vinyl, crystal, bimini, hoods ..

seats, leatherette and vinyl cushions. Awnings, canopies, awnings, camping kits, crystal (translucent parts) ... To make tissue surfaces in a preliminary test on a small area. Do not apply in direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. Do not use metal brushes to scrub the support. Avoid prolonged contact of the product on the support.

Apply the product with a brush or spray over the surface to be treated. Clean with a soft sponge or scraping with a clean cloth. When the support is clean, rinse with water.

Repackage opened containers and store away from frost and heat. Soaked rags should never be discarded as such directly in the trash: dry them first dish. On a particularly dirty media, soak the sponge or cloth with owataud then rubbing with a circular motion. If the support is too hot, wet by spraying with water before applying owataud. The operation may be renewed if there are still traces of dirt.

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    Cleaning Awning Owataud 1 L    Cleaning Awning Owataud 1 L